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[] You cry often
[] You have cut yourself (I'm assuming accidentally doesn't count, i.e. while preparing food or from stepping on/touching something sharp)
[] You have taken a liking to the color black (I've always liked dark clothing, but like lighter-colored clothes as well)
[x] You think things you think nobody else would ever think (Weird sense of humor + Asperger's syndrome = ...yeah)
[] You have thought about killing yourself (I like that this question is worded as it is, instead of "you've thought of suicide"...I've thought of the general concept of suicide many times (as in "it's a sad thing that happens") but never of killing myself)
[x] You punch, scratch yourself (Self-injurious behaviors secondary to Asperger's syndrome. I'm actually much better than I used to be, and the behaviors have been limited to "stimming" behaviors, such as picking at dry skin/scabs)
[] You're poor 
[] You hide your face with your hair
[] You think nobody understands you
[] You feel alone 


[/] Taken a liking to other peoples pain (Weird sense of humor strikes again...I don't necessarily /like/ seeing others in pain, but, for example, the word "Ouch" or "Ow" has always made me giggle)
[/] You enjoy pain (Again, weird sense of humor -- I don't /enjoy/ pain per se, but if someone stubs their toe and says "Ow", I might giggle a little (but at the word "Ow", not at the person being in pain) )
[] You have thought about cutting yourself (As with the suicide question, I've thought of the concept of cutting, but not of cutting myself)
[] You want something to die a lot
[/] You have thought that you were bi polar (Secondary to Asperger's syndrome)
[] You have no friends 
[] People have labeled you 'emo'
[] Everybody hates you 
[x] You go to therapy (Med management for conditions related to Asperger's syndrome)
[] You're quiet 

TOTAL: 2.5

[] Think nobody cares about you
[] You have been told "there's people that have it worse then you"
[] You don't leave the house
[x] You stopped eating for at least 2 days (Involuntarily, whether on doctor's orders (i.e. related to surgery) or due to illness (I had problems with severe stomach illnesses as a child) )
[] You're worried about your future
[] Your parents don't care
[] You don't like being around people 
[] Your friends left you because of your depression
[] You're lonely
[x] You spend a lot of your time on the computer 


[] You feel like there is nothing good in your life
[] You're an atheist 
[] You only believe there is only bad in the world 
[] You feel more comfortable in black clothing
[] You don't know what to do anymore
[] You have wanted to die for a stupid reason
[x] You have overreacted to something stupid
[] You could care less about school 
[] The people that live with you make you feel worse
[] You hate your life 



If you got 7 or under - You're fine 
If you got 8-13 - You could be better
If you got 14-17 - See a doctor
If you got 18-22- You're depressed/suicidal
If you got 22-26- You are very depressed
if you got 27-40- You are a very messed up person


Becky-kolkolkol's Profile Picture
Becky Donoghue-Rick
United States
I am a 29 year old female from Maryland, USA; unfortunately, I do not have any really good art skills, but I do love Hetalia and like looking at fanart and commenting on it. Also, I can speak various languages; you can ask me for specifics if you want.

Current Residence: Maryland
Favourite genre of music: All music except screamy music or extremely vulgar/profane music
Favourite cartoon character: Ivan Braginsky kolkolkolkolkolkolkolkolkolkolkolkol

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